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About Us

99ProSolution is an easy-to-use, dynamic platform made with the sole objective of enhancing the way we learn while catering to information needs.

Now you can easily create customizable quizzes, preview and check what suits you best- quickly share and analyse results. One can easily gauge the market sentiment by an instant poll created with just a few mouse-clicks.

We understand the growing need for a job-related platform that gives you a one-glance view of your potential career opportunity. The online tutorials make you corporate ready with a wide array of 240 courses to choose from.

To ensure you go ahead and crack those tough HR-guys, we prepare you for competitive interviews. Our neatly crafted unique set of interview questions would give you that little extra confidence required to win the person sitting across the table.

Still need some place to discuss about those important questions that aren't listed?

The discussion forum is one place where you can find industry experts promptly answering away all your doubts.

Get in touch with us for further clarifications; we are always happy to help you!

Our Products


99ProSolution's Quizzer is an instant recipe for creating online exams and conducting tests.

Online Polls

99ProSolution's Polls is an effective way to understand sentiment of your target group.

Job Search

99ProSolution's Job search portal is an easy way to get yourself employed or an employee.


99ProSolution's Discussion forum is an ideal place to brainstorm, find information and clear curious doubts.


99ProSolution's Online tutorials are a bunch of finely crafted courses that come with various modules.

Question & Answers

99ProSolution's Interview Questions are a set of queries faced by candidates day in day out.